When a short term trading system is devised, it should have trading rules that should make sense and be based on sound principles, and should be as simple as possible. It should also be based on always trading and be in harmony with the market trend - not against it.


With the Trendway One Hour Day Trading System, this daily trend system is simply the trend of intraday prices, based on dividing the trading day into 60 minute segments.. A 5 minute price bar chart is used because it is easier to visualize your trades and it shows all the little market reversals.


It is an extremely easy to visualize chart trading system that selects obvious entry points and lets you know this information far in advance of the actual trade taking place.


The trading stop is 2 points while there is a split target exit of 2 and 4 points.


The accompanying MS excel spreadsheet automatically determines the number of contracts you trade each trade based on the fixed fractional position sizing money management approach. You input the data, the spreadsheet tells you how many contracts to trade each trade. The compounding nature of the process results in unbelievable amazing profits with very little risk to your initial trading equity.


This process requires you to begin trading with enough starting capital to allow you to risk only 4% (or less if you desire) of your equity balance.


The manual describes exactly how to mark your charts so that it is extremely easy to pick out your entry prices in advance.


The rest is up to your patience and discipline.