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06/12/24 - 06/18/24

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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

ALDI Small Recycled Bag AmounteachCurrent Price69¢*Boulder Lemonade Stand Dinner Plates AmounteachCurrent Price$1.89*Quantity20 ea.Boulder Lemonade Stand Lunch Napkins AmounteachCurrent Price$1.89*Quantity40 ea.Choceur Lemon Cream or Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity8 oz.Emporium Selection Lemon or Chocolate Chip Baked Ricotta AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity6.4 oz.Lacura Foaming Hand Soaps AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49*Quantity10.14 fl ozNature's Nectar Pink Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade AmounteachCurrent Price$2.49*Quantity64 fl. oz.PurAqua Liquid Water Enhancer Lemonades Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$3.39*Quantity3.11 fl ozSerra Alex's Lemonade Stand Romper AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Simply Nature Lemonade Variety Fruit Strips AmounteachCurrent Price$4.65*Quantity10.3 oz.Step 2 Alex's Lemonade Stand AmounteachCurrent Price$49.99*Sundae Shoppe Alex's Lemonade Stand Bars AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*Quantity10 fl ozVisage Alex's Lemonade Stand Hair Accessories AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*

Home Goods

Ambiano 20" Air Circulator Fan AmounteachCurrent Price$29.99*Ambiano Portable LED Air Cooler AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*


Ambiano Countertop Ice Maker AmounteachCurrent Price$69.99*Crofton 20 or 30 Pieces Meal Prep Container AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Crofton 24 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Crofton 3 Pieces Melamine Tray Set AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Extendable Sink Colander AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Pizza Tools AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Range Master BBQ Brisket Grilling Set AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Range Master Thermometer, Light, Tenderizer, or Press AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*


Huntington Home 3 Wick Candle AmounteachCurrent Price$4.49*Huntington Home Gnome AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Huntington Home Luxury 2 Wick Candle AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Huntington Home Summer Coir Mat AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Huntington Home Summer Layering Rug AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Huntington Home Vinyl Tablecloth AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*Pembrook 4th of July Party Pack AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*

Outdoor Living & Garden

Belavi Folding Picnic Table AmounteachCurrent Price$19.99*Belavi Hanging Wind Spinner AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Beverage Tub AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Deluxe Fresh Flower Bouquet Assorted Colors AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Mini Succulent Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$1.99*Summer Tropical Plant AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*


Crane Mens or Ladies Premium Slides AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*Huntington Home Hooded Beach Towel AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Licensed Toddlers Character Clogs AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*Royal Class/Serra Men's or Ladies Lounge Shorts AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*

Kids & Baby

Creativity For Kids Rock or Window Painting Craft AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Moose Toys Bluey Clips AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*

Pet Supplies

Heart to Tail De-Shed Grooming Tools AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Heart to Tail Floating Pet Toy Assortment AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Heart to Tail Medium Collapsible Pet Pool AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Heart to Tail Pet Cooling Mat AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Heart to Tail Pet Floatation Aid AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Adventuridge 9 in 1 Collapsible Cookware Set AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Adventuridge Camping Grill Grate AmounteachCurrent Price$24.99*Adventuridge Cold Weather Hooded Sleeping Bag AmounteachCurrent Price$19.99*Adventuridge Collapsible Bucket or Tub with Drain AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Adventuridge Collapsible Camping Stool AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Adventuridge Collapsible Camping Table AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Adventuridge Hiking Backpack AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Adventuridge Multi-Tool, Axe, or Camping Knife AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Adventuridge Outdoor Camping Blanket AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Adventuridge Pop-Up 2 Person Tent AmounteachCurrent Price$29.99*Adventuridge Self Inflating Sleep Mat AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Adventuridge Stand Up Cooler AmounteachCurrent Price$16.99*Adventuridge Tabletop Smokeless Fire Pit AmounteachCurrent Price$29.99*Adventuridge Ultra Light Travel Hammock AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Adventuridge Watertight Smartphone Case or Storage Box AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Baden American Pride Football, Basketball, or Soccer Ball AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Banzai Toss Like a Boss AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Banzai Water Sprinklers AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Banzai XXL Sports Game AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crane Cooler Bag AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crane Disc Golf or Spike Battle AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Crane Giant Play Parachute AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crane Wooden Dice, Ring Toss or XL Dominoes AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Gardenline Insect Zapper Racket AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Orca Premium 6pk Outdoor Pickleballs AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Orca Premium Pickleball Paddle AmounteachCurrent Price$19.99*


PrimeEnergy Special Edition AmounteachCurrent Price$2.18*Quantity12 oz.WATERLOO Sparkling Mocktails Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$3.98*Quantity96 fl oz

Bakery & Bread

Bake Shop Apple Pie AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Quantity39 oz.Bake Shop Cherry and Blueberry Strip Danish AmounteachCurrent Price$3.69*Quantity14 oz.Hostess Patriotic Cupcakes AmounteachCurrent Price$3.48*Quantity12.7 oz.L'oven Fresh Keto Friendly Buns AmounteachCurrent Price$3.95*Quantity16 oz.Lofthouse Patriotic Frosted Sugar Cookies AmounteachCurrent Price$3.95*Quantity13.5 oz.Patriotic Brownie Platter AmounteachCurrent Price$5.79*Quantity16 oz.Specially Selected Everything Brioche Buns AmounteachCurrent Price$3.29*Quantity8.82 oz.Specially Selected Giant Brioche Buns AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Quantity16.29 ozTwo-bite Patriotic Mini Cupcakes AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity10 oz.


Kellogg's Town House Flag Dippers AmounteachCurrent Price$3.69*Quantity11 oz.Palmer Candy Patriotic Pretzel Rods AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity8 oz.Sour Patch Kids Red, White and Blue AmounteachCurrent Price$7.28*Quantity1.8 lb.SunChips Original or French Onion AmounteachCurrent Price$4.28*Quantity7 ozWelch's RWB Fruit Snacks AmounteachCurrent Price$5.69*

Breakfast & Cereal

General Mills Family Cheerios AmounteachCurrent Price$4.93*Quantity18.1 - 18.5 oz


ALDI Homestyle Potato or BLT Pasta Salad AmounteachCurrent Price$3.29*Quantity16 ozPark Street Deli Bulgogi Pulled Pork in Korean BBQ Sauce AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Quantity16 ozParkview German Brand Bacon Cheddar Franks AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Quantity12 oz.


Belmont All American or Key Lime Cheesecake AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Quantity40 ozBremer Roast Meals Chicken or Sausage AmounteachCurrent Price$5.29*Quantity21 ozFremont Fish Market Extra Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp AmounteachCurrent Price$13.99*Quantity32 ozKirkwood Roma or Hawaiian Chicken Patties AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Quantity32 ozMama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Caprese or Pepperoni Pinsas AmounteachCurrent Price$5.49*Quantity12.35 - 13.05 ozPepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets AmounteachCurrent Price$6.49*Quantity2 ctPriano Breaded Veal Patties AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Quantity27 ozSeason's Choice Loaded Tater Barrel AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity10 ozSimply Nature Fusilli, Rustica or Southwest Fiesta Salad AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49*Quantity16 oz.Specially Selected Multilayer Gelato Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49*Quantity16 fl oz

Fresh Meat & Seafood

Fresh Orange Ginger Atlantic Salmon on a Cedar Plank Amountper lb.Current Price$9.99*QuantityRandom weightSimply Nature Organic Grass Fed 80/20 Ground Beef Amountper lbCurrent Price$3.99*QuantitySold in a 4-lb. pkg. for $15.96

Pantry Essentials

Briannas Rich Poppy Seed or Asiago Caesar Dressing AmounteachCurrent Price$3.50*Quantity12 oz
ALDI Finds - View This Week’s Finds (2024)


How to find out if ALDI has something in stock? ›

How can I find out if my local ALDI has an everyday product in stock? We work hard to ensure our stores are fully stocked with fresh food and grocery essentials everyday. Please visit your local store and if you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask one of our friendly associates.

What day is best to buy at ALDI's? ›

“The best day of the week to shop is typically Wednesdays, because that is when they release all of their new products,” Martin says. And on Sundays, Aldi offers deals on some of their most popular products.

What is the aisle of shame at ALDI? ›

Aldi's 'aisle of shame' is a middle row of goodies that have nothing to do with groceries. Shoppers are huge fans of it. Aldi Finds aisle, or what its superfans call the "Aisle of shame."

Does ALDI own Trader Joe's? ›

In 1976, Aldi Süd opened its first store in the United States in Iowa, and, in 1979, Aldi Nord acquired Trader Joe's. After German reunification and the fall of the Iron Curtain, Aldi experienced a rapid expansion.

What day does Aldi restock Aldi finds? ›

For the broadest selection, the best time to shop at Aldi is on Wednesday mornings. That's when the store restocks its shelves. You can also visit on Sundays, when Aldi offers its Hot Deals on some of the most popular items. These tend to go quickly.

Where does unsold Aldi stock go? ›

“Our older specials are condensed and moved to the front of the store as the product sells.” So if you're trying to find something from a few weeks back, head to the front area of the middle of the store any Aldi store. If they're still in stock, that's where they'll be.

What is a Jesus Erin table? ›

The patio table was then dubbed the “Jesus Erin Table” and the hashtag #jesuserin has taken on a life of its own for when you do something scatterbrained—like purchase a new table for guests to sit at when you don't have any chairs for them to sit on. Related: The Best TikTok Recipe Riffs.

Is Aldis cheaper than Walmart? ›

Regardless, the prices don't lie. Aldi is considerably cheaper than Walmart in almost every instance (or they were about the same).

What country owns Aldi grocery stores? ›

In 1961, the Albrecht Family founded the world's first discount grocery store in Germany. 16 years later in 1976, we opened our first ALDI store in Iowa.

Where does Aldi's food come from? ›

Within the United States, Aldi sources its products both domestically and from abroad. Aldi's products are made in China, the United Kingdom, and Germany, among others. However, it should be fairly easy to determine which products are made in the United States and which are imported internationally.

Who did Aldi buyout? ›

German grocer Aldi has agreed to buy Winn-Dixie. The Winn-Dixie chain and its parent company have been headquartered in Jacksonville for 80 years.

Which Aldi wanted to sell cigarettes? ›

The brothers split the Aldi empire after a fight over cigarettes. In 1961 – when the retailer had more than 300 stores across West Germany – the brothers split the business into two divisions after a disagreement about whether to sell cigarettes. Theo wanted to sell them, but Karl thought they would attract shoplifters ...

How accurate is Aldi stock checker? ›

Products can be searched 1 day after appearing in store, and up to 4 weeks after appearing in store. Please note the Special Buys™ Stock Checker is an indication of stock availability only, and not all products will be displayed. It is advised to visit an in-store location for real time stock availability.

Does Aldi have a stock symbol? ›

Since Aldi is not publicly traded, it can't be found on any stock exchange. While there is no Aldi stock symbol or Aldi stock price, there are still ways to gain investment exposure to the supermarket industry. Additionally, there is a possibility that Aldi could go public in the future.

Does Aldi have stock options? ›

Aldi is a privately-owned supermarket chain with no public stock exchange participation, but investors can explore growth opportunities in the grocery market industry by investing in publicly traded competitors such as Kroger, Walmart and Costco.

What days do Aldi stock up? ›

Aldi Finds are released every Wednesday or Sunday, depending on the store. If you have your heart set on a particular Aldi Find, head to the Aldi website to find out when your local store restocks. It's the best way to ensure you'll be able to get it.

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