Get the Best VPN for Xbox Series X / S / One / 360 (2024)

Gaming on Xbox made safe

Gaming is no fun when it’s not secure. Use NordVPN to protect your Xbox from cyber attacks and enjoy games to their fullest.

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Next-gen encryption for all of your needs

  • Stay undetected at all times

    NordVPN encrypts your online traffic with powerful AES 256-bit encryption ⁠— the best in class. With it, you become immune to snooping ISPs and third parties ⁠— a sort of black box if you like.

  • Prevent DDoS attacks

    Some gamers can use DDoS attacks to slow you down and gain a competitive advantage. VPN protection allows you to freely enjoy gaming with less risk of DDoS attacks.

  • Encrypt your traffic twice

    The internet is like a box of chocolates ⁠— you never know what you’ll get. That’s why NordVPN offers Double VPN ⁠— an advanced VPN security feature that routes your traffic through two VPN servers instead of one to ensure maximum security.

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Fast speeds anywhere, anytime

How to set up a VPN on your Xbox

You can protect your Xbox with NordVPN in two ways:

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Use your router

  1. See if your router is VPN compatible. Most modern routers support VPN connections, though some may need a manual configuration. Check if your router supports a VPN.
  2. Once you have set up a VPN connection on your router, simply connect your Xbox to your Wi-Fi network.
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Connect Xbox to your Windows PC

  1. Download and install the NordVPN app on your Windows PC.
  2. Go to “Control panel” ⁠—> “Network and internet” ⁠—> “Network and sharing center” and select “Change adapter settings”.
  3. Right-click “TAP-NordVPN Windows” and select “Properties”.
  4. Open the sharing tab and enable “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.” Then, select the network you wish to share the connection with.
  5. After changing adapter settings, you’ll need to switch to the right VPN protocol (either TCP or UDP) on the NordVPN app.
  6. Connect your console to the PC using an ethernet cable. Lastly, open the NordVPN app and connect to a server.
  7. All done – your console is now protected by a VPN!

Alternatively, you can use a hotspot. Install the NordVPN app on your Windows PC, create a hotspot, and connect your Xbox. Learn more

How to choose the best VPN provider for Xbox

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Lag is the killer of gaming. When choosing a VPN provider, make sure to pay special attention to the speed of the service to avoid any bandwidth throttling whatsoever.

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A game you want to play might be unavailable in your area. A large network of servers allows you to enjoy gaming and streaming services no matter where you are in the world.

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Ease of use is everything these days. Look for a VPN app that has a comprehensive interface, is lightweight, and can run on multiple devices simultaneously ⁠— you’ll thank yourself later.

Frequently asked questions

Enjoy a hassle-free online experience with NordVPN

Hide your location, get a new IP, access the internet without restrictions, and enjoy your favorite content with a risk-free VPN. If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

Get NordVPN

Get the Best VPN for Xbox Series X / S / One / 360 (17)
Get the Best VPN for Xbox Series X / S / One / 360 (2024)


Get the Best VPN for Xbox Series X / S / One / 360? ›

ExpressVPN is the best Xbox VPN on the market, offering blazing-fast internet speeds for gaming, a generous server selection and exceptional streaming service compatibility. NordVPN is the fastest VPN for Xbox -- and other devices for that matter.

Can you put a VPN on a Xbox Series S? ›

Can you use a VPN on Xbox? Yes. The best way to do it is to install a VPN on your Wi-Fi router. This way, all connected devices at your home will be protected by VPN encryption ⁠— including the Xbox.

What is the best VPN service for Xbox one? ›

Here's the list of the best VPNs for Xbox:
  1. NordVPN – best VPN for Xbox in 2024. Xbox compatibility: ...
  2. Surfshark – unlimited connection VPN for Xbox consoles. Xbox compatibility: ...
  3. IPVanish – affordable VPN for Xbox. Xbox compatibility: ...
  4. ExpressVPN – privacy-ensuring VPN for Xbox. ...
  5. CyberGhost – fast and secure gaming console VPN.
Feb 29, 2024

How do I connect my VPN to my Xbox 360? ›

In your Xbox Menu, click Settings then select System Settings followed by Network Settings in order to ensure that the DNS and IP settings are automatic. Go ahead and set Data Encryption to optional and let the VPN provider handle the data encryption. Click Allow these protocols under Authentication.

Does NordVPN work on Xbox series X? ›

You can't download NordVPN on PlayStation or Xbox, for example. To set up your PS4, PS5, Xbox, or other gaming console with NordVPN, you can use one of these methods: Set up NordVPN on your router. Set up a VPN-protected hotspot and connect to that network on your gaming console.

How to use VPN on Xbox Series S without PC? ›

Through a Router

Rather than creating a Wi-Fi network from a computer and adding your Xbox to that network, you can use a VPN on the router that your Xbox is on.

What is the best VPN for Xbox 360? ›

ExpressVPN is the best overall VPN for Xbox consoles and Game Pass with its fast connection speeds, clear installation instructions, strong security and fantastic geo-unblocking. We also suggest Surfshark because of its value-pricing and robust feature set, PIA for a budget-friendly VPN and Proton for its free tier.

What VPN works with Xbox? ›

The Best VPNs for Xbox in 2024
  • Best Performance. NordVPN. 9.7 /10. Protects you from DDoS attacks, common with gaming. ...
  • Best for Pro Gamers. Surfshark. 9.5 /10. ...
  • Best Option for Proxy and SmartDNS. Private Internet Access VPN. 9.4 /10. ...
  • Best Setup. ExpressVPN. 9.1 /10. ...
  • Best Price and Value. CyberGhost. 8.9 /10.
Apr 4, 2024

Should I use VPN on Xbox? ›

A VPN on Xbox One is unlikely to boost your gaming speed. A VPN focuses on your privacy rather than improving speed. Routing your internet connection via another server takes time, so it's unlikely to experience a speed boost with a VPN. However, that's not impossible.

How do I enable VPN on my Xbox? ›

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  1. Connect an Ethernet cable between your Xbox and VPN-ready PC.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Click Network & Internet.
  4. Click Network & Sharing Center.
  5. Click Change adapter options.
  6. Right-click on your VPN icon. ...
  7. Click Properties.
  8. Click the Sharing tab.
May 18, 2023

How do I use NordVPN on Xbox? ›

Using an Ethernet Cable, you have to set up NordVPN on Xbox by first connecting your device, which could be a Mac or Windows PC, to the Xbox. Plug into the right port on both of the devices and ensure they're working properly. These plugs are located at the end of the devices, so check them carefully.

Can you use ExpressVPN on Xbox? ›

You can currently use ExpressVPN with PlayStation 5, 4, and 3, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch. Additionally, you can set up ExpressVPN on a supported router to enable VPN protection for every device in your home.

How do I use VPN on console? ›

In your console, choose Manual settings for Wi-Fi connection. Then under Proxy Server, select “Use.” You will be prompted to input your host IP address and port number. When the connection is successful, you'll be connected through your VPN.

Do VPNs work on consoles? ›

Gaming consoles themselves don't support VPN applications. However, there's another connection method at your disposal ⁠— you can use a VPN on PS5 (either PS4, PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim) without a Linux or Windows PC by setting up a VPN connection on your router.

What does a VPN do for gaming? ›

Gamers can enhance their online gaming experience by using VPNs. VPNs provide security for data, improve connection speeds, and allow access to geo-restricted games. This article will provide information on the top-performing VPNs for gaming, including NordVPN, Surfshark, and Cyberghost.

Can you use a VPN to activate Xbox games? ›

Connect to the VPN server that matches your digital code's region. Open a web browser in incognito/private mode. Go to and sign in to your Microsoft account. Enter the 25-digit code.

Can I use a VPN to activate Xbox Live Gold? ›

Again, even if your account and console are set to that region, if you are not physically located in that region, it won't work. Using a VPN or other means to try to bypass region restrictions does violate the terms of service and can put you at risk for being banned. You should only purchase codes for your region.

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