Skillet Vegetable Potpie Recipe (2024)



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As a lifelong pastry chef/baker I can attest that puff pastry needs a high oven temp to puff. And the bubbling is the filling underneath telling you it is cooked. This recipe sounds simple and tasty! I'll make it!

Robert D

It's an OK recipe. Not crazy about the mix of vegetables. Leek and fennel with asparagus and potatoes isn't my dream combo. I do love them all, but just not in the same pie. I used leek, fennel, carrots, fresh snap peas and corn. A more traditional "pot-pie" mix without the chicken. I would save the asparagus for a side dish, tossed with butter, lemon and sprinkled with parmesan. Ditch the potatoes entirely. If you aren't careful with the amount of stock, this pie will come out "runny".


Any putt pastry I’ve ever met will be black - not “golden” after 25 minutes in an oven at this temperature - - and to be picky, pastry NEVER “bubbles”.I’d recommend checking results starting at 15 minutes and, for extra crispy pastry, when the pastry is barely golden, spray or brush with olive oil (or canola) and heat for another 5 minutes.DO let sit before cutting/serving.

Barbara Kauffman

Can you substitute yogurt for sour cream?


I've tried this method, and the pastry performs poorly because it's put onto hot, bubbling filling; the butter leaks out too quickly and you lose the flakiness. Even though it's tedious, my preferred method is to precook filling and let cool to room temp. Then, filling on top and into the oven.


From the Test Kitchen, a bit of advice. Cook the "stew" without the pastry until hot and bubbly, then place your pastry on top, brush with egg wash and coninue to cook until pastry is brown. This allows one to ensure the inside is cooked and the heat from the bubbling stew to cook the bottom of the pastry. Raw dough = yuck

Lydia Sugarman

You could just skip the puff pastry and make this as a gratin dish with buttered panko/bread crumbs on top, couldn't you?


Made as is, added mushrooms and snow peas. The potatoes and fennel did not cook through, and the asparagus barely cooked. I had thought about precooking the vegs, but decided to go with the recipe. Should have gone with my gut.


I first added a diced yellow onion in addition to the leek, garlic and fennel. I then added about four stripped sprigs of chopped fresh rosemary, two tablespoons of fresh thyme and about a cup of quarter-inch diced carrots. I also doubled the amount of Dijon for added flavor and subbed vegetable stock for chicken stock. This exceeded our expectations, had tons of flavor and was shockingly easy. It’s definitely a new cold night favorite.

Robert D

Agree. I forgot to add to my review above that some fresh herbs really improve the flavor here. I added fresh thyme and tarragon. Delicious.


I always use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.


Can one use defrosted pie dough in place of puff pastry?


If you are finding that your crust goes soggy, here's a thought. There used to be a wonderful bakery in Park Slope called Sweet Melissa that did pot pie, and their way of dealing with the crust was to bake the puff pastry separately, serve the pot pie in a bowl, and pop a crisp round of pastry on top just before serving. The effect was the same as a traditional pot pie, but with no sogginess.


Monsieur Picky, The interior would be bubbling.


I'm sure you could do the first step in any skillet, then transfer to glass baking dish before topping with puff pastry. Either square 8x8 or 9x9, or a round 9-inch deep pie plate would work.


Make pastry thinner, and cook veggies longer, then put on the crust on later and into the oven.

Barbara Gordon

I thought it was terrible! firstly the veggies are cut waaaay too small? and i would use mushrooms instead of potatoes. Sorry, I usually love NYT recipes but not this and i followed it exactly.


For a family meal, shortened the prep time by using a slicer attachment and a julienne attachment on my food processor and then using a knife if necessary. The pieces were relatively similar in size for cooking, if not completely uniform. Used gluten-free puff pastry, which worked well. The family liked it!


This did not work for me at all. The potatoes were still raw in the center after 25 minutes in the oven, but the pastry was thoroughly browned on top. What’s more, the pastry was undercooked on its bottom side. I think @Eskirmish of Test Kitchen must be right: cook the contents in the oven first before applying the pastry.


a half batch fit well in the small cast iron skillet, and made leftovers


I added chicken and make it in a much larger pan. I also added peas and carrots. Need to cook potatoes and carrots longer


Using what was in the frig, I substituted greek yogurt for sour cream and added peas and carrots since I had no fennel or asparagus. I also had to use phyllo dough on top. I beefed up the spices with Tuscan Sunset and Fox Point. Potatoes and carrots diced and were cooked through at end (20 mins in oven). All in all, looked pretty and tasted good and was quick and easy.


I made this, the crust was crisp and even reheated wonderfully.

Jill W

Based on what I read here, I added pot pie veggies like carrots, celery. I used a 9x13 pan for more surface and also fit the pastry I had on hand. I buttered some of the layers, not all. Once the browning started, I turned it down to 375ish(?) And baked 10-15 longer to make sure the lower pastry layers were not raw. Supervise and have foil handy just in case so it does not burn. Reheats great from frozen in small baking dishes with loose foil.

Mark Reilly

Excellent. Added some carrots and mushrooms. I let the vegetables cook on the stove a few minutes longer, then 15-20 minutes at 425 degrees was perfect for the pastry.


Really enjoyed this. Will become a staple. I love the inclusion of fennel here. We substituted mascarpone for sour cream and added diced carrots to the veggies and fresh dill to the herbs. We hardly get Gruyère cheese in Italy so we added a mix of Asiago and Masadam cheeses. I agree on the crust cooking too quickly so I slapped some aluminum foil over the top when the crust reached perfect brownness after about 5 minutes at 450 and removed from the oven at 20 minutes and left the foil on 15 min

Susan Bass

Great recipe! As other cooks have noted the veggies needed more cooking time, so I let the veggies simmer in veg broth for ten minutes, covered, after adding the flour. I added the asparagus when I added the sour cream and Dijon. Also, I cooked the dish at 425 for 20 minutes and it was perfect.

Mark R

I saw this and thought of the little tins I had as a kid, so I subbed the fennel for mixed frozen vegetables. Cooking the mix before in a skillet esp the potatoes a bit longer helped. The local store in Smallsville here had only crescent roll dough and since I was shooting for my childhood I layered the pan bottom before filling and then topping like we always had. The rest was the recipe and it was great.


Why do NYT recipes consistently advertise Diamond Crystal salt rather than any kosher salt or table salt in smaller quantities?


I have to say this was disappointing. I was so excited to make it - I precisely chopped my vegetables, had all of my ingredients prepped. But I got a soupy pot pie with a soggy crust. That’s what I get for not reading the reviews.

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Skillet Vegetable Potpie Recipe (2024)
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