Withers Not In Sarcophagus (2024)

1. BG3 Withers Not Showing Up, Explore the Ruins Bug Solution

  • 6 sep 2023 · This NPC is supposed to appear in the Dank Crypt, after you get to a small room with a fancy sarcophagus in it. Opening the sarcophagus makes ...

  • BG3 Withers Not Showing Up, Explore the Ruins Bug Solution discusses the Baldur's Gate 3 Explore the Ruins bug & Withers doesn't appear

2. How to Respec (Find Withers) - Baldur's Gate III Guide - IGN

  • 4 aug 2023 · ... sarcophagus that holds the mysterious undead, Withers, - and a group of skeletons. Defeat them and release Withers. Check out the Explore ...

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is a massive and potentially incredibly long journey, and building a character can be pretty daunting. But don’t worry,

3. How to find Withers in Baldur's Gate 3 - PCGamesN

  • 4 aug 2023 · You can find Withers in BG3 in the Richly Adorned Sarcophagus, which is located in a secret area of the Dank Crypt inside the chapel near the ...

  • BG3 NPC Withers is a peaceful undead skeleton puzzling over the worth of a single mortal life, interact with him correctly to earn his unique services in camp.

4. Baldur's Gate 3 Withers guide - VG247

5. How to Unlock Withers: Dank Crypt Guide | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

  • 18 aug 2023 · Withers can be found in a Sarcophagus in the deepest part of the Dank Crypt. ... If you did not or do the Dank Crypt, Withers will, at some point ...

  • This is a walkthrough for Finding Withers in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Read on to know how to unlock Withers, how to enter the Dank Crypt, and a guide to all the traps and battles you may encounter inside the dungeon!

6. Baldur's Gate 3 Dank Crypt walkthrough and guide

  • 14 nov 2023 · Overgrown Ruins Ancient Door; The trap and the Sarcophagus; The Bedchamber and Ornate Door; Undead battle and Wither's Tomb. The Baldur's Gate ...

  • The Dank Crypt in BG3 has multiple ways in, traps, enemies, and more.

7. Explore the Ruins - Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki

  • 19 mei 2024 · The sarcophagus within the room also contains a Soul Coin, a helpful item for those who recruit Karlach. Withers[edit | edit source]. Withers ...

  • Explore the Ruins is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by approaching the ruins north of the Overgrown Ruins waypoint, or by reading the Disintegrating Journal.

8. How to Open the Dank Crypt Sarcophagus - Baldur's Gate III Guide

  • 22 aug 2023 · How to Respec (Find Withers) ... You can drag crates, candelabras, or vases on top of the vents in order to have them not trigger the grease traps ...

  • If you've tried to open the Sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt and died as a result of several triggering traps, we're here to help! Here's our guide

9. How to respec in Baldur's Gate 3 and where to find Withers (BG3)

  • 31 aug 2023 · It's not too difficult a place to find. Once your character wakes up ... Then just interact with the Ornate Sarcophagus, inside that secret ...

  • Looking to respec in Baldur’s Gate 3? In this guide, we'll explain how to respec, where to find Withers, and give you some tips.

10. An option to kill/banish/expel Withers - Larian Studios forums

  • 26 aug 2022 · ... Withers just don't open the sarcophagus. There's no denying he's a great safety net should you actually run out of revivify scrolls, but ...

  • BTW. For the record, I never said I LIKED the idea of him being Jergal. I'm just guessing based on the evidence that he is. I honestly don't care. I never use Withers' powers because he isn't needed. Plenty of revivify scrolls that work days after someone dies. It's much less expensi...

11. Baldur's Gate 3 How to Leave Dank Crypt and Open The Ornate Door

  • 8 sep 2023 · ... Sarcophagus zone, the Bedchamber and Ornate door, and finally the Withers' secret tomb room. ... This is very important if you're not saving ...

  • Learn how to leave Dank Crypt and which dungeons you need to pass in order to leave. Plus learn how to open the ornate door. Read now

12. How to find Withers in Baldur's Gate 3 - Dot Esports

  • 7 aug 2023 · ... Withers. Recommended Videos ... Up next comes the Dank Crypt, where you need to open a booby-trapped sarcophagus.

  • This undead NPC will make a useful companion.

13. Baldur's Gate 3 Explore the Ruins Bug Fix: How to Open the Sarcophagus

  • 6 aug 2023 · To advance the quest, read the plaque next to the sarcophagus. Then, return to Withers and you'll find a new dialogue option about it. Talk to ...

  • Image: Attack of the Fanboy One of the earliest side quests you'll encounter in Baldur's Gate 3 can be quite a challenge for an underleveled party

Withers Not In Sarcophagus (2024)


What happens if you miss Withers BG3? ›

However, it isn't necessary to find him and open his sarcophagus in order to have him arrive at camp. If the party doesn't come across Withers in the Dank Crypt, then it's a matter of time until he shows up at camp anyway with an exclamation point over his head to explain the services he offers.

How to activate Withers sarcophagus? ›

After you get in, be wary of traps (see How to Disarm Traps) , and at the very end of the ruins north find a button on a wall that will unlock the room with the sarcophagus that holds the mysterious undead, Withers, - and a group of skeletons. Defeat them and release Withers.

Should you let Astarion bite you? ›

Should you Let Astarion Bite You? Letting Astarion bite you is an easy way to get approval with him. The simple answer is yes, as the only downside is gaining the Bloodless debuff, while Astarion gains the Happy buff and his approval rating of you increases.

Can withers be killed in BG3? ›

Withers And Mizora Can Be Killed In Baldur's Gate 3.

Is Withers a god in BG3? ›

Identity. Though the game never explicitly states it, it heavily implies Withers is actually Jergal, the erstwhile "Lord of the End of Everything", a powerful god who willingly gave up part of his divine portfolio to three evil adventurers who would then become the Dead Three.

Can you steal from Withers BG3? ›

You can steal any money you've spent on reclassing or resurrecting from Withers. Whether you fail or succeed the roll to pickpocket doesn't matter; he never reacts to it.

Can you romance hirelings in BG3? ›

Unlike companions, hirelings don't have their own storylines or interesting backgrounds and you can't romance them - instead, they just exist you can round out your party with any missing skills or abilities. You can always summon a hireling to use a specific skill then leave them right back at camp.

Why are withers not spawning? ›

Why is the Wither not spawning? The Wither structure requires open space to spawn the Wither. So, make sure that it's not being blocked by other solid or non-solid blocks on its side or top.

What triggers Withers BG3? ›

Once you take a long rest, your party will retire to their wilderness camp. After you free him, Withers will then appear at your camp whenever you take a long rest. Speak to him and he will be equally cryptic about his true motives and methods, but he will also offer a valuable service.

What is the worth of a single mortal life in BG3? ›

There's no such thing as a 'single' life.” The value of any life is given by it's net marginal future utility.

Is Withers missable? ›

Although not a companion in of himself, the enigmatic Withers is an incredibly important (and entirely missable) NPC to have in the game.

Where to unlock Withers BG3? ›

Withers will be found in the depth of the Dank Crypt. Entering the Dank Crypt and reaching him might not be the easiest mission, but with a few allies, it is definitely doable. The player will have to get past some treasure hunters and other hostile enemies, and avoid traps along the way.

What if you don't get withers? ›

If you fail to get Withers at this point, he will show up to your camp randomly seeking to join you. But choosing to get him right away is smart, as he's quite useful.

Does withers care if you pickpocket him? ›

Whether you fail or succeed the roll to pickpocket doesn't matter; he never reacts to it. That means free infinite reclassing and resurrecting. Also, Withers is his middle name.

What's something that withers? ›

1. Wither, shrivel imply a shrinking, wilting, and wrinkling. Wither (of plants and flowers) is to dry up, shrink, wilt, fade, whether as a natural process or as the result of exposure to excessive heat or drought: Plants withered in the hot sun.

How does withers work in BG3? ›

Withers will resurrect dead companions for a 200 gold fee per resurrection. He offers the service of hirelings, recruitable characters that can be added to aid your party who, unlike regular companions, do not have related quests or interactions. He is able to resurrect hirelings for 100 gold per resurrection.

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